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Dogs of Diamond J Farms

It seems all farms have dogs, and we are the same way. We have American Bulldogs. They make great Gaurdians, and they look good too. We raise happy, socialized, farm-raised litters from time to time.

Sookie-Doo Sookie-Doo of Diamond J Farms, or just "Sookie" is our White with Brindle Spots American Bulldog.
Sookie feels it is her Job to be the first to meet visiters to Diamond J Farms.
She loves to come with me where ever I go around the farm.
She especially likes wading out into to pond.
Oh, and french fries.

More photos of Sookie-Doo
Sookie's 2016 Litter
Athena Athena of Diamond J Farms, (Sookie-Doo's Daughter) or just "Athena" is our White with Dark Brindle Spots, American Bulldog.
Athena's father is DUAL CH Spartacus Bubbacus Optimus. Athena is just a pup right now, but we are hoping to show her, and see how she does in the ring.

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